An accountantant turned proud “Durian” farmer

With good management practice (GMP) and proper post-harvest facilities, Agrilink 2017 Chairman Miculob says there is money in durian farming.

Candelario “Larry” Miculob is a proud “durian” farmer, as be always says. He is now the chairman of the Durian council in Region XI before he became a durian farmer, he was an accountant in one of the prominent auditing firm and also became Vice-President for operations of the Ayala Group of Companies. Despite his corporate accolades he doesn’t want to stay in the corporate world for long. In fact, he wants to retire at 40 years old and become of his own boss. Or become a farmer that he long wanted to be as he grew up in their family farm in Davao del Sur. His passion for farming has motivated  him to start planting durian at 33 years old, readying himself for another chapter in his life. “Tamang-tama nang ako ay mag retired, our trees started flowering already, my wife is in-charge for marketing. On our first year, we sell the fruits from our home. I’m now handling the operation, I have regularly visit the farm together with my staff to secure to see if things have been done accordingly,” he said.

Just like any beginners, Miculob, along with other durian farmers had encountered challenges, especially at a time when growers relied only from the viajeros or middlemen. Miculob and his group sought assistance of Department of Agriculture (DA) to properly market their fruits.

First step was participate in AANI (Agri-Aqua Network, Inc.) festival in Quezon City, SM Cebu and now actively joining the Durian festival in Davao City exhibits. He expanded into processing durian and other fruits such as guava, pineapple, papaya , mango and banana.

Future Plans

Because of his knowledge and skills, Miculob is making great efforts to build the facilities that can accommodate the requirements for exports not only for his own sake but for the benefits of the council as well as following the good agricultural practices. For now, he is hoping for assistance from the Department of Science and Technology to finance post-harvest facilities and the small to medium enterprises to manufacture their fruits food products for exporting. Because Miculob believes,post-harvest facilities are the key to expand the exporting and preserved the products.” 


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