Asian Food I loved

FOOD is very essential to our daily need to sustain life. This should be nutritious, healthy  and affordable. So If we are travelling it is one of our top priority to consider aside from those tourist spot and hotel . Hmmmp, I guess  this is very exciting to everyone!

This milky fruity shake was served during my 33rd birthday with my friend. I enjoyed the milky creamy texture every time I sipped on it.



milky fruity shake
A  milky Fruity shake

My recent travel from Beijing, China . Xiang la ji ding reminds my home region where we bicolanos loved to eat chili may it be fresh, dried and even powder mixed to every dishes we prepared for lunch or dinner. HOT chili is Life hehehe

And, of course the  mala tang, OMgeeee……I really enjoyed the ma la tang, very flavorful and tasteful, it made my dinner so full and memorable.

Malatang is chineese street food that is popular in Beijing but originated  from Sichuan. This is prepared through a big saucepan or bowl with different ingredients like garlic, ginger, onions and full of chili too. Woooowww, super hot..

xiang la ji ding from china.

xiang la ji ding from china.

ma la tang (China)

ma la tang (China)
ma la tang from China

Ofcourse, Thailand. Thailand was the first Country I visited for work. At first sought I fell in love the dishes,the presentation and the aromatic flavor but Honestly when I tasted it I was woooohhhh, shocked. Because I’m not really into those strong flavor.

But at my second visit to this country, aha, that was the time I learned to craved Thailand dishes. And here are some of those:

the sticky rice with sweet mango
pineapple with large prown on top


the yellow rice with chicken
milky soup of pumpkin

Dishes are flavorful , when you have time to roaming around the streets you can find vendors selling several of  mouthwatering street foods. I can’t wait to go back bangkok.

Then of course to my Country Philippines where you can find most flavorful dishes . In every region there is a specific or what called specialty that the locals pride to highlight the place and culture too. Otherwise, the food is not just food to satisfy our cravings but a story to behind, the story that makes the place interesting, and makes the tourist to remembered.

Bicol region 

Laing is the signature dish with lots of chili. This composed of dried gabi leaves ,creamy coconut, salts, garlic, onions and lots of sili (Chili).

And Halo-halo for dessert , what makes special for this is, of course the Chili fire flavor.


Visayas Region: Cebu

Cebu is very famous for their Lechon ( but sorry I do not have photo) and also such as Danggit, Bam-i (pancit), siomai-tisa(home made siomai) and puso : which is the rice is wrap with coconut leaves in a heart shape, that is why “PUSO”, puso is tagalog term for heart. 😉 And surely, Cebu has several of yummy dishes that travelers would loved to try.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mindanao : Davao City

Davao is known for Durian with its unique taste and smell.


Cagayan Valley

With its Pancit best, the pancit batil patung is Tuguegarao’s signature dish , it is made of noodles, carabao’s meat beans and other vegetable. And the longganisa ,too made of garlic a little sweet flavor.


I knew there are several of dishes around Asia and around the world that we have to experienced and savor the distinct taste (linamnam) for every travelers to keep coming back to the places.

                                        Thank you



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Omg those drinks in the beginning looked so yummy! Posts about food are the best!


    1. Yes you’re correct, creamy and milky


  2. mirela16 says:

    I love Asian food too, it`s incredible. I have been to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan….the food is wonderful 🙂 Nice pics and nice post 🙂


    1. Oh,wishing to come to Vietnam and Japan too and try their local dishes


  3. Tracy says:

    I think most of Asian food is flavorful. Very rich in taste and that what make me crave it sometimes if I were in a country that don’t serve Asian food widely. I like Thai food! Indonesian food as well 🙂


    1. Yes, Tracy Asian food is very flavorful with distint tastte, hope you would try also Filipino food. 🙂


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