Exploring Work and a Job that makes Me travel with dreams

To celebrate 7th year at my work is a fulfillment. Yes, I have made it! Every year I make sure to celebrate it through prayers .I’m not a person who are fond of celebrating by having siesta or preparing food, drinks, wine or any but just a prayer to thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to work in a company that offers a lot of chances to see the beauty of the world,( no not that means) I meant to go out of my comfort zone to explore places in our country (Philippines) and even out of the country. And also  buying gift for me, Well, Who else would do that? But me, I, myself only. Hahahaha After all, that’s a reward for my hard work and passion.

Reminiscing Job hunting

Seven years ago as I remember, had to wake up early to prepare myself for the job interviews and exams. Every night I should have to go to online to search for JOB available that will suits to my credentials and qualifications. Searching on how to prepare and be myself during job interviews with correct answers to possible questions.

Those were 45 companies all, Yes I’d apply for 45 companies in 45 days as well via online and walk in. But only three companies who had given me a chance to be part of their team. The first one, I was ready yet to accomplish my requirements but there’s something  on my head telling me , “wait for another one, you will be hire just wait”. And Yes, when MARID called me I was so happy , felt that this company will brings out my best, Ofcourse, I’d pray for this, mentioned it to my prayer. And GOD answered me perfectly.

Problem Encountered

-no money at all while applying job since I’m living away from my family. I live independently, so its difficult  to managed may day to day expences.

-there were times, felt hopeless sabi ko magpalimos na lang kaya ako

-had few lending  from my parents and friends


What is my Work?

I work as an account executive which means an advertising agent, should prepare presentations or pitch to close the deal. Writing/emailing proposals to a prospect clients attending such an event where can meet potential clients/advertisers for the target performance.

I meet people in a different level of position in the company and in the society. I met CEO, President, managers , businessmen and politicians.

Then years after I was given a chance to contribute an article to publish for fieldwork, cover story and entrepinoy section. My work doesn’t evolved only as an account executive. It is a multi-tasking job that makes my work productive.

WHY I have to LOVE my work?

This work made my dream  come true, a dream when I was child. To write an articles, a book and explore places that will offer a chance to meet people with different personalities, thoughts and cultures. And you know what is the most fulfilling is to hearing feedback positively . I know I’m still amateur to this craft I still have more lessons to learn. Also photograph is one of those dreams, when I was a teenager I always bring our camera and save money to buy film so that I can take pictures to my classmates and my classmates should pay me equally. Payments is not the reason but the opportunity to captures their smiles and lovely gestures are the best thing for photography. It is a memory that will remind those were the days.



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But my work weren’t that so smooth , there’s a lot of roller coaster’s, ups and down. What I did is again pray, ask  the Lord God for his guidance, support, to show me my strength and reason to stay every-time I’m quitting because of tension and pressures. It’s not healthy , I’m not growing anymore. My health is suffering but you know WHAT? my work didn’t give up on me , WHY? Because when I’m down, there’s something that I hold me back(kumbaga iwanan na ako ng lahat, saktan na nila ako pero si WORK hindi niya ako iiwan ng basta basta lang), work will try to make me productive, Do you get what I meant? There’s a magic, because within the downside moment I can still receive a calls or emails for a new project, another contract or travel unexpectedly. With that, realizing good times and productive results would pop up on my mind so I should have to proceed, to love my work back as my work love me so much.

Lesson learned

-Just pray asked the Lord God for your petition and intention.

-Keep trying , searching and study your every company you are applying for and some interviews and dress well. Don’t stop. Believed yourself, knowledge and skills.

-be smart and act  that you are the one that they are looking for.

-Thank God always.

While at work

Be humble, smart, have your own brand because branding is the most and powerful tool to excel. And always be thankful to your mentor, friends, family and God.

Ofcourse, share your blessing by means of a little charitable act.

I love writing, photographs, exploring places and learning. And this work made me WORTH keeping for.

Thank you


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    Sounds like a great job! Well done


  2. This is such a heart warming post. I totally believe in the power of prayers and your hard work & prayers definitely have shown results you’ve wanting! My best wishes are with you, more power to you 🙂



    1. Oh, how sweet of you. I really feel your wishes. Sending hugs to you dear. All the best!


  3. Wow! Inspiring talaga to know that you applied for more than 40 plus jobs. I can see your dedication and hard work that you really want to excel. It’s true, you’ll really get a shot at something if you just keep pushing.


    1. Yes, Jestan. Nagpanic dn ako that time kc nga tagal na wala pa din. Pero i kept pushing, hanggang nakakuha din. At un 7 years kung pagtagal s trbho ang dami din pagsubok pero napapagtagumpayan pa din. 😉


  4. Sarah says:

    Congratulations on 7 years with your company. What a milestone. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Do not be discouraged when you are facing hard times within your company, this is normal. Pray for endurance to help you through it. Good luck!



    1. Thank you Sarah for enjoying my pictures , for the advice and wishing me luck. 😍😘


  5. Anna says:

    Happy employment anniversary! It is a blessing to have a job that you enjoy and that allows you to travel. Keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. Thanks Anna. Sending hugs 🙆👻🐨


  6. iamemgee says:

    True passion, you really enjoyed your work and that what made you excel on this field. You keep up the good work and don’t forget to pray always. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. Sending hugs 🌞🌝🐨🙌

      Liked by 1 person

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