S. I. L. Y. A :Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok aming Alay

When we heared SILYA, which one of those things that comes first to our mind? Which one do we imagine? Well, for me when I heared SILYA, its a chair “upuan” in tagalog

S.I.L.YA: Rocking Chairs

But when D’cup Coffee Republic invited me to witness the official launching of S.I.L.YA. in partneship with Artistshop Design. I found out that there’s a deeper meaning to this not just a simple chair that can give us comfort while sitting in a places like having breakfast, lunch or dinner to a restaurant, while chi-chat in a beach and waiting for our call time. S.I.L.YA is an advocacy of a man who love his parents dearly. 

Mr. Tito Loreto

He is Mr. Tito Loreto  a professor from University of Santo Tomas, College of Advertising,  a founder of S.I.L.YA advocacy. His parent’s inspire him to implement this advocacy. YES, S.I.L.Y.A:Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok aming Alay , is an advocacy that teach us to THANK someone special who nourish us and made ourselves WORTHY, to HONOR those people who has a great role to our lives and to INSPIRE everyone to act valueable to our brothers and sisters and to our parents.

Value our parents

And Tito Loreto chooses D’cup Coffee Republic to launch his S.I.L.YA advocacy because D’cup Coffee Republic value the elderly and really cares for them. They want the elders to feel so special during their coffee time to there coffee shop. According to D’cup Coffee Republic chairman the rocking chair should be place near the entrance so elders can easily sit with comfort and to relax.

Our parents, grandparents and the elders needs comfort with support, they must be feel the homey ambience while on shopping at the malls , while relaxing and having family gathering. And that what S.I.L.YA advocacy is.

S.I.L.YA now turning four(4) years old on September, month of GrandParents.

Our lolo at lola still rocks while on a chair.

It’s in our nature to cares

Thank you D’cup Coffee Republic for inviting me, this is a priviledge for me to witness one of a kind, advocacy.

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