Organic Urban Gardening Basic 101 Workshop

I was invited through email of Cedarhills Garden Center to participate their workshop On June 14, 2017 the workshop was all about the Organic Urban Gardening  Basic 101 for some media representatives from different Newspaper and online news influencers in Agriculture to spread further information about the goal of Cedarhills to inspire people to practice urban gardening in their respective home to make our country healthier and greener.

This workshop was a surprised for me, WHY???? Because I didn’t noticed that the Basic 101 is kinda difficult to a newbie like me, admittedly I have background in Agriculture but not particularly in Crops which is gardening is a part of crops, I’m more practiced in Livestock and Poultry as that was my practical skills. That was not just simple way of planting like preparing the soil or field then plant the seed etc etc etc. I would say the Basic 101 workshop is upgraded or innovative than what we are practicing in our homes and garden. It applied the science with right technical term to used  with an art. Yes, I must say Gardening is a science with ART because you will learn different procedures by experimenting or following the right steps and you will showcase you skills in creativity, that’s an art with a concept for you to able to make your garden more attractive and detailed. You’ll definitely put your effort, time and love to your garden.

Well, no further a do. Here’s the following procedure we prepared and our actual workshop.

1.Prepare all the materials that the participants be needed such as seed strainer, stirrer, widger, scoop, marker or seed label, measuring cup and many others.


2. The seed soaking to identify the good and bad seeds in 1 liter non-chlorinated water

seed soaking

3. The conversion of EM-1 to EMAS and to convert EMAS you will be needed 900ml non-chlorinated water mixed with 50ml of EM-1 and 50ml of molasses, then put it to 1.5 liter airtight container and keep it in a room temperature. Diluted EMAS is used for drenching the soil to increase the beneficial microorganisms in your plant to make the nutrients more accessible.

Diluted EMAS

4. The media participants were able to do actual planting and showcased their skills in creativity by which one makes them comfortable to plant with a little landscaping or what made them to inspire while planting.

The creation of every participants


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transferring my EMAS to a airtight plastic container

5. Lastly is the garden tour to introduce to all  what  Cedarhills Garden Center has to offer more for the newbies in gardening and the hopes to cater the garden enthusiast and hobbyist in the metro.

The workshop


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Gardening plants


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Gardening Tools


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The workshop was filled of fun and learning activities. I had so much fun and this is one of my another milestone of learning especially in Organic  Urban Gardening. This is very applicable to those living in a small places or around the city.

Thank you to Cedarhills Urban Gardening Center, looking forward again to another activities that may come. 

Come and visit Cedarhills Garden Center at 57 Mother Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. It is open daily, Monday-Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm. Contact us on 0907-ORGANIC and 926-2707 or follow us on Facebook:


—–Thank you—-


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  1. Nasreen says:

    Cool post! 🙂 Gardening is a science of creativity. The workshop you went to, seems to be both educational and fun at the same time. Urban gardening is definitely the future and more people around the world should get into it! 😉


    1. kayhdj says:

      Yes your so true, dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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