PhilMech Launches the 10-row Onion Mechanical Seeder



The PhilMech 10-row onion mechanical seeder (10-ROMS) expedites farm operations and effectively increase farm productivity through efficient seed distribution and maximized plant density per unit area. This implement is capable of opening a furrow, covering the seed and firming the seedbed.

Philmech Onion seeder

Problems addressed

High labor requirement and cost of transplanting . Low plant population per unit area incurred on using manually-pulled/guided 2-row mechanical seeder . Labor shortage during peak planting season High seeding rate incurred on direct seeding by manual broadcasting.

Major Parts and its Function

  1. Seed plate – picks-up seeds from the seed lot and discharges it at a predetermined rate
  2. Seed delivery tube – conveys the seed from the seed bin to the furrow opener
  3. Furrow opener – opens the furrow to the required depth into which the seed is placed
  4. Seed covering device – drags loose soil into the furrow to cover the seed after placement

Classification and Specifications

Classification                              – 10-row, tractor-trailed drill seeder

Seeding capacity                         – 0.38 ha/h

Labor requirement                     -1person

Metering mechanism                -ground wheel-driven

Construction                                 -steel and plastic

Dimensions                                   -125 cm x 180 cm x 70 cm (L x W x H)

Intended users                            -bulb onion growers

Seeding rate                                 -4.9 kg/ha or 11 cans/ha

  1. Compactor/leveler – firms the loose soil that covers the seed in a furrow and at the same time level the seedbed
  2. Clutch – device for engaging and disengaging shaft to ground wheel
  3. Frame – structure that holds the parts of the seeder and attachment to the prime mover.

Benefits of Using 10-ROMS

  1. The mechanical seeder can increase yield by 2-2-5/ha and can reduce production cost.
  2. When compared to the broadcasting methos of direct seeding, the use of 10-ROMS can give additional income of PhP60,839/ha due to yield increase of 2 t/ha and reduction in cost of seeds, thinning and labor in broadcasting and preparation of boxes and other input costs.
  3. When compared to direct seeding using 2-row mechanical seeder, the use of 10-ROMS can give additional income of PhP12,391/ha due to increase in yield. Because of higher plant population, the use of seeds in 10-ROMS is higher plant population is translated to higher yield and income.
  4. An income will need a 2-wheel tractor to operate to 10-ROMS. Opening for 30 days, 6 hours/day, with a service fee of PhP2,000/ha, will give satisfactory financial indicators such as : payback period of 4 cropping seasons, internal rate of return of 28.83% and benefit cost ration of 1.35. For an investment of PhP 240,000 (including a 2-wheel tractor), an investor should have more than 24 hectares of service area to have positive financial returns.

Subject Matter Specialist

                Renita SM. Dela Cruz, Ph.D

                Domingo R. Miranda

                Rodelio D. Idago

Socio-Economics and Policy Research Division (SEPRD)

For more information, please contact:

The Executive Director

Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization(PhilMech)

CLSU Cmpd., Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija

Tel. Nos. : (004) 456-0213; 0290; 0282; 0287

Fax No: (044) 456-0110



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