Enjoying Davao City

Food Trip, Pasalubong and the Journey

What else can do when you are away from your comfort zone? May be you’d love to mountain climbing or climb to the tallest tree in the forest. Shout to the very loud voice in an island, or go for swimming up to the deepest sea, or more? mmpph, Should I say, clubbing too ? Dancing w new friends to a very wild music? 🎡🎢🎡🎢 till you get sweating!!! Oh, singing to the highest note πŸ”¦πŸ””? These are surely would come to our mind when we are planning to go out for distressing…

Oh, in my case if given a chance to go out with barkadas again, I would love to go for swimming, mahilig ako sa dagat eh at magbabad sa init, yan kaming mga laking isla. hehehe. And ofcourse, dancing, i really loved to dance nawawala yon mga pasanin ko when I’m dancing on the floor. “versage on the floor” ang drama!!!

But time like this, WORKATION in Davao City, the only thing to enjoy was no other than the food being served from the hotel and to the different places we’ve been through while doing work. Then of course buying some PASALUBONG and all the story of the Journey.

Our breakfast at The Pinnacle Hotel & Suits:

Salad first before the rest of the meal
Omelete with magdayaw greeting using the catsup!
my kind of soup, mami noodles
Yummy pancake with different flavor of syrup!

Our kind of lunch while on a meeting

Ginataang FRESH na hito
Tinolang NATIVE na manok
Inihaw na Hito

We really enjoyed our meal very Pinoy, lasang pinoy. Looking forward as always to have a meal like those everytime I’m away from manila.

Our dinner courtesy by the Chairman of the Durian CouncilΒ 

Our dinner were served at the Tiny Kitchen. This restaurant serves meal in Spanish cuisine. I got mine chicken something…..Β (sorry I’ve forgot the name ;-( )

Detox first before eating!!!


Loving our Juices and shake……

kind of dessert, the usual leche plan

That was a great experienced for me, honestly, won’t feel I’m working. Pakiramdam ko talaga nakabakasyon ako. Simpling bagay, pagkain, makakita ng ibang kapaligiran at makasakay ng eroplano ay Yun na yun ang kaligayahan ko.

Pasalubong from CITRA MINA

Yan TAYO, we can’t stop ourselves to buy some stuff , a unique product to bring back home once we are away. My superior’s chooses to bought some aqua products such as frozen-fresh tuna, pampano, lumpia, siomai and many more. Mine NONE (kuripot eh).hehehe

The Journey behind, so much of kaartehan lang. hahahaha

And up in the sky, ready to landed. See you again Davao. And Hello, Manila!!!

I’m in heaven, clouds are Β my childhood dream to touched them with my two strong hands.

Landed safely, Metro Manila

Definitely, a great WORKATION. Thank you again for the chance to work outside manila and visiting Davao again, Β (pang-apat na yata ito).

Thank you…….


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  1. Vibha Ravi says:

    The food pics are really good. Any vegetarian dishes you could recommend?


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks I love ricevegetables salad, a mixture of raw vegan and a rice and i love also the pinoy vegetables soup.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stacey says:

    It’s a tough job, but someone has to sample all the food! That pasta dish with the big bread looks yummy! I’d go for some of those juices and shakes, too!


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks u like my post, yes farming is really a tough job. Durian shakes are very creamy or we called it in tagalog malinamnam


  3. lifeoutside2by2 says:

    Wooow!! This is so amazing! Would kill to try all these foods 😍😍


    1. Go, come here. And lets do a food tripping 😘


  4. Prachi says:

    Looks very delicious yummy post


  5. health tips says:



    1. oh, thanks, πŸ˜‰


  6. engrreginald says:

    Wow….. I love this great delicious food and this is something I enjoy. Thanks for sharing


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