Day 2 afternoon Tour For Durian Farm and processing plant in Davao City

Get ready for AFTERNOON’s tour

Prior to our Main goal for the DAY 2 farm tour in Davao City which is DURIAN  the highlight of our upcoming event this October. Our team had a lunch through invitation of Mr. Larry Miculob the Chairman of the Durian council in Region XI in one of the native restaurant in metro Davao and had a little discussion while savoring the dishes on the table.

Ginataang FRESH na hito
Inihaw na Hito
Tinolang NATIVE na manok

Look’s all so yummy and Yes, it’s very authentic, tasted like Nanay’s home cooked foodies.

While enjoying our lunch we didn’t miss the conversion regarding the status of our Durian industry. We  learned that our Durian farmers in Region XI hit the average of 6.5 tons per year of production with the average of 3.5 hectares each farmer with the total hectarage of 7000. Still the council is aiming to hit the target of 8 tons per year to have enough suppy of post-harvest products to export. And the good news the industry is now able to market outside the country, we are exporting to China and Singapore , not only for Durian but also the other fruits such fresh coconut.

Then, let’s proceed to the tour. We arrived past 2:00 in the afternoon to the Durian processing plant. Seen a lot of Mango prepared in a huge baskets.

arranged according to the size
the preparation
The Durian Processing Plant

The processing plant is really strict to the visitors to come inside but in our case, we were glad that there’s no operation on going because of OFF-season, means no fruits to processed because right now the Durian just starting to flowering.

You’ll count 6 to 7 years that Durian reach the maturity and ready to flowers, bearing fruits and produce large numbers of production. The life span of the trees will reach up to 50 years old  or more given with good cultural and management practice.  In one tree the Durian can bear up to 50  to 60 fruits with an average of 3 kilos each and earned up to P 3000. 00 during peak season but for off season the cost of Durian each is up to P 250. 00. Imagine you can earn P 12, 500.00 each tree for 50 fruits during OFF-season, that’s how high the cost is. You’ll probably earned higher than that amount.

So far, Davao City has an average of 3000 hectarage with the 6% production and Davao City has the highest yield in the region. And for them to reach the GOAL, achieving the 8 tons per year the council is really active to participates any trade show, exhibitions and festival, the Department of Agriculture is with them to any support that council has to be.  And the DOST laboratory is ready for them to render the test to ensure the quality assurance.  For adding activities the council is into blasting, freezing and vacuum packing because through this our country has a big potential to compete globally.

Vacuum Freeze -Dried


Creamy Durian Shake

The following are the photos of several Durian Varieties:


PUYAT variety is the most recommended and best-selling both locals and export market. 

Different varieties of Durian that can be found in the market:

Puyat, Arancillo, Canyao, Munton, Kob white, Kob yellow, Chanee, Swarscob, Cobwhite, D101, D69, D24, Duyaya, Nanam, Sulit, Durio Graveolens, Red Prawn, Thornless, Umali, UP Gold, Micro History, Alcon Fancy, Basketball, TD cojuanco, and several varieties of native Durian.

Let’s tour the farm!!!

FRLD President Mr. Tony Roces & Mr. Larry Miculob, chairman of Durian council

For more details about the Durian, you can visit the D’ FARMERS MARKET owned by the Durian council chairman with his other stores such as Fruits and Pastries Center and Durianan sa Davao at the Pryce Road, Bajada, Davao City.

And wait for MARID Digest July issue and be there on October 5-6 for AGRILINK/FOODLINK/AQUALINK, where the DURIAN is the star of the event.

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Zel Galban says:

    OMG! I love durian! I did not know it has different varieties. It looks mouthwatering I am suddenly craving for one. People don’t usually like its smell but I like it. Thanks for sharing!


    1. kayhdj says:

      yes, there are 20 several varieties. Puyat and Duyaya are the two famous here, chanee is the sweetest durian and also our native . I like Durian too, i’m enjoying eating because of its unique taste with creaminess. thank you also, you appreciate Durian


  2. yamventures says:

    huhu reading your blog makes me miss Filipino foods more 😭😭😭


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thank you, when u were here? In which particular place? Hehe glad to know that you like our food.


      1. yamventures says:

        I am also from the Philippines but I still haven’t visited Davao yet. 🙂


      2. kayhdj says:

        Talaga, pag-uwi m dito punta k ng davao din. You read my day 1 behind workation in Davao. Regards!


  3. Oh noo, why did I check this out on an empty tummy? Those dishes seem so yumm! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, those were yummy!


  4. Sab says:

    I’m not really a fan of Durian, but your photos make me want to try. Hope I can visit this place when I get back to Davao 🙂


    1. kayhdj says:

      Yes, there’s nothing wrong to try. It malinamnam (creamy) all the best to you


  5. seekandread says:

    I have never been in Durian, unfortunately is far away from me, I hope I’ll have a chance to visit it


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, hoping too, u can visit the place and savor the unique taste of durian. ☺


  6. I’ve never tried Durian, but will definitely have to try one day! I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I guess it’s in how you prepare it.


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, actually i don’t have actual photo of durian fruits bcause its off-season her just flowering.


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