MARID: 27th year’s anniversary

The MARID Agribusiness Digest was born on May 20, 1990. Today is our 27th years in the  Agribusiness Industry. As the first agricultural magazine of its kind in the country, it has struggled to keep its readers abreast of prevailing issues and problems, market trends in the agro-industries, advances and related technology, as weel as practical articles on crop growing,animal raising, pond cultivation, and  much more. The point at the very beginning was to come up with a publication that would provide relevant market information to those involved and interested in the agribusiness sector.

Our MAY “27th anniversary” issue


We this, we are truly enough to give thanks to all the supporters our made our magazine  as one of the longest-publishing in the Agricultural sector from the readers & subscribers for renewing their subscription, exhibitions organizer who often partnering with us, the different associations and government agencies who have been there for us to support our articles requirements, contributing writers who submitted a lot of “news worthy articles”, advertisers that been there for us through the years and to the FRLD-MARID management and staff for the loyalty and loved to the publications to be united for giving  a quality that readers deserves.


A short background:

The aim was to provide a link among farmers, fisheries, agri-entrepreneurs, cooperatives, manufactures and the government. One of the components was the MARID Digest which, under the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), was honed as the vehicle for disseminating essential information. By 1992, the newly established Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development, Inc. (FRLD) took full charge of the MARID Project as well as the magazine’s monthly publication. Under FRLD’s aegis, the Digest’s efforts were recognized by the Philippine Agricultural Journalist, Inc. which had named it “Best Agribusiness Magazine” both in 1993 and 1994.

The MARID Digest, over the years, has gone through several transformations, first in 1994 when its name was modified to the present MARID Agribusiness Digest in order to emphasize agriculture as a business.. In 1995, USAID funding for the magazine ended, but its purpose was deemed too important to be abandoned and so FRLD continued its publication even without the usual external support to lean on.

Year after year, as the MARID staff researched and churned out relevant articles and data, the Digest gained loyal subscribes and advertisers, slowly spreading influence in Metro Manila and the provinces. In 1999, the people behind MARID agreed to give the magazine’s nationwide status decisive boost by publishing it in full color for the first time from cover to cover, auguring an even more self-sustaining future for the publication. Indeed, not long after, the magazine became available in leading bookstore and other outlets in and around the cap.

The years have not been easy for MARID. As with other publication existing in the country, we continue to cope with rising costs of paper, printing and other operational expenses. But our commitment to breach the gap between agricultural information and their use by participants in the industry has made every bit of labor worthwhile. And while the MARID staff is more than proud of what it has achieved in the last decade, all this would not have been possible without our readers and supporters, to whom we promise the same level of dedication since the release of the very first copy of MARID 27 years ago.


We are looking forward to more years of bountiful and great networking to one another.

Thanks , all the best.


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