Day 2: Davao City, Let’s Tour the CACAO Nursery/processing plant and Durian Nursery

So, it’s Day 2 in Davao City , Itinerary were given  to us by the Regional office of the Department of Agriculture touring the CACAO processing plant, how did the chocolate processed and drunk the 100%  pure chocolate made personally by the owner and manager of the processing plant of Rosario’s Delicacies.
We were welcome by these gorgeous SUNflower, very colorful. Seduction in it, hmmp! (not that what you think) the flowers were seducing US to take selfies, wants US to captured the very yellow SUN color. Look’s like our day would be good and bright as the SUN give us brighter day.
Dayon po, said by the SUnflowers
I’m your pretty tour lady guide 😉
Come, be with Us.
Just feel at home…


Ms Mary GRace Belviz mixing the chocolate
Ms Mary GRace Belviz mixing and blending the chocolate, she is the manager / owner of Rosario Delicacies.
serving HOT chocolate
serving HOT chocolate
The Cacao processing of Ms Mary Grace is located at Calinan, Davao City. She served us the chocolate drink 100% with condensed or evaporated milk if you like to add some milk. But unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance  to drunk it because it’s BAWAL for me, not good to my health, caffeine is a no no no for me.
Ms. Mary Grace discussing the Cacao processing
Ms. Mary Grace discussing the Cacao processing to our team
Ms. Mary Grace is naturally born from Lourdes Quezon,  and her husband is Davaoeno. She and her husband graduated BS Agriculture  she majoring Horticulture, when we say Horticulture it’s referring to  flowering plants, gardening and landscaping. And why she is now in Chocolate Industry? to make it short she attended training about chocolate processing then it captured to their attention since her father in-law farming is originally the CACAO eventhough her family’s  major farming is  the DURIAN. But Still processing of chocolate is one of their focus of business.
Chocolates being processed through 60% and 75% components and the rest percentage is the additional ingredients such as butter and milk. For now their major product from Cacao is TABLEA. All the chocolates are locally fabricated. Their processed products are distributed locally in Metro Davao , Marco Polo hotel  is one of their SUKI because Marco Polo Hotel is promoting and supporting Davao products and to the pasalubong center too.. Aside from Davao local market she is also showcasing their products through exhibition like IFEX in manila. Remember ” Different kind of chocolates, there’s different kind of characters too or profile” to appreciate. Through touring the Cacao processing plant, we’ve  learned that the DAVAO chocolate processed is more on natural  chocolate and vegetable shortening and their plant is manually operated.
  • There are two types of Chocolate processing in Ms Mary Grace processing plant:
  • 1.Chocolate bar that the butter is extracted 45%   2. Cocoa powder extracted the butter for 25%
  • According to her, “As the chocolates aged mas lalo ito sumasarap
 And for DURIAN they are using firewood and oil for deep pride Durian chips. For  Freezing there are two types of practices 1.conventional freezing temperature should be at -18degree Celsius ( small-scale entrepreneurs ), 2.Vacuum and blast freezing the temperature should be at -40  degree Celsius and -20degree celsius storage (large scale entrepreneur). Freezing Durian is known to keep and preserved the good quality but ofcourse there are also quality concerns to addressed depending to the type of the durian.

Let’s go the processing plant of Cacao and Durian

 Durian by products/ delicacies from Rosario’s Delicacies

After touring the Durian and Cacao processing plant, we proceeded to the Durian’s nursery and Cacao Farm. 
Durian seedlings
leaves of Durian while young
Durian at the nursery
The tour and discussion was very informative, we captured the passion of Ms Mary Grace to Cacao and Durian and some crops production. This is not just an ordinary JOB but a noble  job, farmers should be 24 hours alert and more strategic plan to be applied.
Durian Trees
Durian Trees
Cacao Tree
Cacao Trees full of cacao beans
Cacao trees
cacao beans
Cacao beans in almond-shaped


Our memorabilia with Ms Mary Grace Durian and Cacao Nursery/farm 

AT the cacao tree
with my superior’s , Our President Mr. Antonio Roces and Project manager Ms. Sally Mecija
Duria tree
Ms. Marygrace Belviz and FRLD President Mr. Antonio Roces
Cacao tree
Ms. Marygrace Belviz and FRLD President Mr. Antonio Roces and Project manager Ms Sally Mecija
Really thankful for another opportunity that made myself realizing and embracing farming. 

———–Thank you————


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  1. Great post keep it up!


  2. All of these look so delicious, especially the chocolate! Would so love to visit and try :)!


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thank you, hope u can visit here in Phils.


  3. Pia says:

    The chocolate making process is one of the hardest and most impressive processes I know. I appreciate the hard work of cacao planters/ farmers. Great post!


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, Pia! That’s why wanna share this to the community for them to be aware and appreate too.


  4. Claire says:

    I would love to learn about the chocolate making process. Loving your pictures


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, Claire. Our chocolate processors really need support to promote them. But my apologies if wasn’t able to blog the whole process, it’s the request of the host to not to post,it’s their private procedure. Really appreciate your comments, mwaah! 😊


  5. reginaldonline says:

    I love chocolates! And I want to visit this farm when I get to Davao. How I wish we also have that kind of farm in Pangasinan. Davao is indeed blessed. Thanks for this article learned something new today


    1. kayhdj says:

      If u want to visit the farm and meet the owner, just feel free to message me and will gv u the details. Tnks to you!


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