What’s in Paradizoo?

I know it’s been three months already when I visited Paradizoo and Residence Inn. It’s really late to post this blog but it’s okay than nothing. hehehe

I’m impressed the place hindi lang naman ito ang unang punta ko sa lugar na iyon siguro it’s my third time na, What a great day to see how Paradizoo came up with an idea that very Filipino, ahmm… Yes, very Filipino why? Let’s tour around.



This Banig and Breakfast really catched my two naked beautiful eyes and touch my loving heart. I remembered when I was a child my mama was very organized and creative, she made our little house like this, she designed as the idea that Banig and Breakfast has…

The LAG Cabin


The VAN cabin


This Van cabin made me exciting and Β a little flirty,aha, oh well. Somedy me and my partner will choose this VAN cabin. Hahahaha, opps, been so naughty na! πŸ‘»πŸ‘πŸ™Š

Then let’s go to the farm with blooming flowers,greens plants and vegetables and feed some animals. For sure you and your family will definitely enjoy especially the kids.

The animals


The greener gardens


Such an interesting place and educational because Paradizoo offers educational tour Β and education program to those who are interested to invest in Farming.

And the highlight of that visit last February was the PARADIZOO:POWER OF THREE PROMOTES FREE AGRI_EDUCATION TO ALL with the keynote speaker no other than the chairman on committee of agriculture Sen. Cynthia Villar with representatives from Calata Corporation and TESDA.


Sen. Cynthia Villar

Sen. Villar discussed how important the AGRICULTURE in our lives. She encouraged the family specially the parents to teach their children to learn on how to plant and gardening to their backyard. She also explains why did the youth should go and learn in farming because IF No one would want to learn now, who will feed people? Yes, the lady senator is very correct, don’t you think other industry (ies) would prepare us food to our table directly from the farm?! Think about it millinneals?Β What will be the next generation happens when there is no agriculture. When no food to eat, we will die, right folks?

I really admired sen Villar for her loved to the farmers and agriculture sector, that’s why my interest to Agriculture is catching in a higher level, then now I have my logo with FARMERS feed the world.

Ps: my blog about Residence Inn will follow.

And my apologoies If there’s no flower photos, mine was blurred so better not to post na lang.

Paradizoo is located at Mendez, Cavite.

———–Thank you—————-



      1. Opps, my blog for Residence is not yet posted. Too busy for real work hehe. Yes, i really ur photos. I believed you are a photographer.Are you?


  1. you really got me with this post, I’m a nature and animal lover so I think this is really amazing!
    thank you for sharing! It is really nice to get back in touch with mother earth!


  2. The Van cabin is really cute and nicely decorated! πŸ™‚ I like that they offer education program about farming which comes really handy especially when you want to plant stuff! I would go for that..haha


  3. The Banig and Breakfast are awesome as it reminded you of your mother and a childhood memory… I like the cabins with its floral decorations too. Nice field of broccoli and other vegetables. It’s a good idea to promote agriculture.


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