Workshop for PB Newbies and Entrepreneurs

Tag media and Public Relations recently held the Social Media, Digital Marketing & Public relations workshop at  Misono restaurant, Jupiter St, Bel Air, Makati City around 2:00 pm to 7:00pm hosted by no other than one the most well-known media influencer Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas with some special guest that tackles the other subject matter.

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas introduces herself and she’s the host of the workshop.

The workshop was intended for newbies/aspiring blogger and entrepreneurs who wants to earn more thru digital marketing. It started from the question ” What is your purpose? and everyone got the chance to shares their purpose in life, being a blogger and entrepreneur

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas explains the details of how fast the social media influence the market today from Digital marketing and SEO,solutions to get your client attention, and online ethics ( that ethics is really a must know of everyone who uses social media because it represents of being you/US and our personality as an individual) .

Engr. Nicolas explaining the Digital marketing

What is really the digital marketing means? Digital marketing is any awareness with the use of any electronic devices such as laptop, cellular phone, tablets etc. etc. that can make your business systematic and synchronize at real time.

But before the workshop started, Engr. Nicolas introduced herself first to the attendees, her experiences being an influence rs and she let the attendee’s to introduced their selves too. Of course, I’m one of them that introduced my life and experiences, how started blogging as a hobby, why stopped and starting again.

Mr. Pocholo Gonzales the well-known “voice master” also present to share his knowledge in public speaking which I love public speaking (siyempre ahente ako, kailangan yon) :-).

Mr Pocholo Gonzales, the Voice Master
One of the voice master’s talent

And Mr. Christian Leynes was one of the speaker of Public relations he talks about his business , how he started and how did digital marketing help his business to reach the market.

Mr. Christian Leynes of the Cham restaurant

It was fun, enjoyable and informative workshop that I pretty sure, it would help us to grow as a blogger, to utilize our electronic devices for earnings and as an individual. And I was able to get to know, had a little chi-chat with my co-attendees, sharing  ideas, experiences in life and many more.

The worshop shouldn’t end the night without yummy foodies, hmmm that made our tummy full, were served both korean and japanese dishes…yumyummm

Let me tour you a little at Misono Restaurand where the workshop was..


Indeed, I have learned a lot.

——-Thank you———


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