On the Road , Food trip.

So, we’re done for work, proofing of our May issue. That was long and a detailed day for us since we have to be very keen to every details of our May issue from articles to ADS placement. Then when we we’re about to go,  Our printer head decided to treat us for Merienda. Wow, that’s awesome!

So, he introduced Angels Town Cafe at the Gracepark, Caloocan City.

Angels Town Cafe
Cool, clean and accomodating staff.

The place is cute, very suitable to barkadas and families to have merienda while on “chi-chat”. 😊😝

Food are yummy, tasteful with very reasonable prices. It took for 10 minutes to prepare our orders but here you go, judge the presentation. I believed it just exactly to the price offered.

My order
Avocado shake
Chocolate, strawberry and avocado shakes
Chicken pesto

I ordered Chicken pesto, my verdict ay lasa mo ang pesto sa pasta na may tamang alat but yummy ,,,good for me coz I’m on a diet, hehehe. And also I ordered Avocado shake, loved it till to the last of my sip. 😜😘

My officemates ordered those two shakes ( strawberry and chocolate ) and the one was Saging con yelo, according to her that was so good and flavorful, hmmp very good for the price of P100.00 only.

And they got to ordered sandwiches such as  two fish pillet  sandwiches with crunchy taste and a clubhouse.

At the pantry…

With cakes, muffins and many more of sweets…

Angels Town Cafe offers also some frap and many more dishes that is being served at breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

We’re really thankful to our printer head for those yummilicious foodies and shakes with take home pa. Hehehe That was unexpected treat, great food trip while On the Road.

Prices ranges from P80 to P150 pesos only, very cheap and yummy.

Chicken pesto: P80.00

Chicken carbonara: P80:00

Clubhouse: P80.00

Avocado shake : P100.00

Strawberry shake: P100.00

Chocolate shake: P100.00

Saging con yelo: P100.00

Fish fellet sandwich P100.00

So, if you are near to grace park caloocan, why not try to visit Angel Town Cafe and experience their yummilicious foodies with very reasonable price…

—- Thank you —-


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mirela16 says:

    Wow! They look very tasty! Amazing pics 🙂


    1. Thanks, mirela 😘


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