Digital Farming for Millennial Farmers

As we know, everything in the world today is turning digital, even in farming. In agriculture, upgrading the system in the farming community  or commonly called “digital farming” is needed to address the concerns in climate change as well as dealing with “millennials” or how the generation of today is called.


Mr Vergel DV Formaran, the VP of Sales Chemical Diviisin of Calata Corporation discused the Digital Farming during the Power of Tree Festival at Paradizoo


 “When we deal with farmers, the common problem are as follows, first the production, second the marketing” states of Calata Corporation Vice President in Chemical division, Vergel DV Formaran as he discussed the topic of Digital Farming during the Paradizoo Power of Tree opening. Formaran continues, “To answer these issues, we need to be complete from crop protection, nutrition, harvesting and marketing” When we say crop protection these are the pesticides which include the organic and inorganic that act as the fertilization process from water to soil. “Formaran adds their company is already completing their product line in support the farmers in upgrading their system and converting it from traditional to digital”

What is Digital Farming? Digital Farming is a system that provides systematic and synchronized operation,computerized data and efficient results that answers to the productivity to the farmers, which we call Millennial Farmers. We have these products called CORON- USA product for a year to rice, corn, mango and some vegetable, then we are launching the PESSL instrument which is only our company has this in our country, the Calata Corporation, Vergel explains”

PESSL in operation

PESSL, is an instrument from Austria owned by Pessl Gootfried. It monitors and forecast the weather in the real time parameters such as precipitation, air temperature, leaf moisture and solar radiation. It also managed the crop productivity through health management from insects, frost and field scouting as well as nutrition by using the lab-chip to the exact details of the crops requirements and amount of fertilizers.

Utilizing smartphones is one of the ways of digital farming. Black Cell Technology Inc., supported by the Calata Corporation has recently launched a mobile app called KROPS.


It is the digital E agriculture marketing for the farmers that will help them find markets for their farm produced. Buyers can now use their mobile device to shop easy and get farm fresh product with farm gate price directly from the seller and seller also can get easily find buyer through this app.

BLACK CELL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (BTCI) is the developer of the KROPS Mobile application System or simply, KTOPS. BCTI is a subsidiary of the Calara Corporation , which is the largets combined distributor of agro-chemicals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds in the Philippines.

KROPS is a newly launched Mobile application in the Philippines and in the Philippines. and in the ASEAN. It is an innovation in Agricultural E-commerce (or R-Trading) that networks both buyers and sellers in the Agriculture Industry. It is leading the Philippines in redesigning its Agricultural Industry in integrating Agriculture and Technology in a much better connection between the buyers(consumers) and sellers (farmers/producers). And the good thing is, the KROPS is free to download.

According to Barty A. Espino IV, Director for Operations and Sales of KROPS of Black Cell Technology, the app’s general objectives are the following.

  1. To sustain improved livelihoods in the Philippines where the farmers are proactively contributing to innovative agricultural development.

  2. To facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among farmers groups so they can level up with the new technologies in agriculture.

  3. To promote E-agriculture among young people, especially  the would be heirs of the farming industry in the Philippines.

The KROPS Mobile Application is endorsed by no less than  Dept. of Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol. “This is the perfect answer to the problem bedeviling the Filipino agricultural producer who has always been at mercy of the middlemen and the traders,” Sec. Manny stated. “After these, Philippine agriculture will never be the same gain,” the secretary added.


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  1. Alice Ford says:

    This is definitely an underserved and needed area of farming. Glad you are providing a solution.


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thank you, Alice


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