Garden visit at Cedarhills Garden Center

Cedarhills Garden Center is the perfect place to those who are enthusiast to gardening especially people live in the city, that’s why it simply called Urban Gardening. the Cedarhills Garden Center  recently held a Garden Visit for media, the event was attended by different representatives from different magazines related to Lifestyle, Agribusiness and Gardening. And here’re the attendees aside  from MARID Digest, Mr. Ray Ong, Columnist of Philippine Star, Ms Rachelle Medina the Editor -In-Chief of Real Living Magazine(Summit Media), Mr Edison Gonzales writer of Malaya Business Insight and Mr Rhoy Cobilla, Photographer of Malaya Business Insight.


With this center people will enjoy to look for some green plants that so good to our eyes, therapeutic  flowers that will let you to feels  like no other woman with your partner 😉 , cactus and succulent plant is suitable for your dish garden to heals our inner peace and herbs to detox our body.


My apologies If I can’t name properly the flowers ;( but I’ll make a way to get their names.

The place has several  cactus varieties from common to rare ones, Cactus is one of the plants that requires low maintenance. They are very good to display inside or outside our hub. And so far According to the CEO of Cedarhills Cactus and Succulent are getting higher demand, And they are conducting workshop with Amy Lastimosa a member of Cactus & Succulent Society of the Philippines in a very reasonable  price. So, friends, cactus lovers why not visit Cedarhills Graden Center for more information.


Hanging plants also is trending nowadays, these are very appropriate to those who has a small place or to those who lived in a apartment, bachelor pad and condos around the city and metro.


So much of interesting ideas too to learned from this place like recycling old toy car and many more…


Some herbs too that will give such so aromatic experience and taste so good to our dishes.


And of course, If there are plants, flowers and herbs to propagate , there are also a different styles and designs of recycled pots for your desired plants. Here are below.


Cedarhills Garden Center also selling different variety of seeds from different seeds company namely, Eastwest, Allied botanical , Ramgo and harvest. And fertilizers as well.

This coming May 20, the Cedarhills Garden Center will be holding workshop for Organic Urban Gardening, which will start at 8:00 am and it’s since Mother’s day  month, they will be giving 50% discount to all the mother’s who will attend and 25% for the companion. Hurry and book now, thru this numbers 09281883107, 09428437433 and look for Mr. Gerald S. Cioco the CEO of Cedarhills Garden Center

My experienced was really great, I find peace and loved to greens, colorful flowers, the cactus plants really closed to my heart since I was a child. Just to share a little story “when I got to visit my aunt house her house are surrounded with different type of cactus and bonsai too”, until now she got to preserved those. And I’m starting enjoying some herbs to every dishes  may served to our home or even to some restaurant, though it has a strong taste but it taste so good.

Thank you Cedarhills Garden Center, hope to visit you , soon.


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  1. Nice article Lorry. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks, you like this. Will write also for MARID Agribusiness Digest, June issue.


  2. camyster says:

    Not my usual read but interesting thanks


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thank you, camyster. You read it. 😊


  3. Vick says:

    I would go crazy and leave with an empty wallet in a place like this!


    1. oh, how sweet of you. The place like that is awesome…


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