Nook of my wellness

Wellness Nook is a big part of my weight loss journey. From overweight to ideal, from extra-large size to medium built and from processed to natural food. And Until It turns to a lifestyle habit.

Believe me your money is worth shaking for. Be prepared, decide and make it happen. You have to, because for every journey there is a story behind, so make it worthwhile. It’s not easy but you need it for a long term condition with 80% nutrition, 20% exercise will give you 100% mindset.


Detox your body and energized your day.




Sip, as you nourish yourself



Loss your extra fat and discover secret’s into a new you


Now, for your endless balance nutrition and losing weight that will regain your confidence in every single detail of your day. Do visit Wellness Nook at del Monte avenue corner West avenue, Quezon City. Coaches Leika and Tina are ready to SHAKE for you.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Coach Leika says:

    Thank you Kayhdj 😊 We are proud of your realizations, accomplishments and so happy to be part of your journey to better health 😍


    1. kayhdj says:

      Oh my Gosh, thank u so much coach Leika. Di nyo lang po alam kung gaano kalaki s akin maging bahagi din ng aking health journey. God bless. All the best,.


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