Hot Air Balloon Festival

It was fun going to an event with a huge of numbers, a thousands of thousands of people who were able to witnessed an event like the #20thhotairballoonfestival. Everyone was enjoying watching different design of balloons with different colors too that makes the balloons so Hot, I guess. 😃


We’ve been there, (I and my friend to spend our valentine more interesting), whoa, sounds so Good! 💖💞💕


People we’re so busy taking selfies and groupies with their  hi-tech cameras (dslr&phone). Of course, just like them we have to make our own story too, our selfies , capturing our moment and even finding unique way of catching photos

arteeee arteeeeh
yes, nakarating din!!!!
oh, yeah…
arte pa more…


Balloons creativity was really beautiful, kinda! And also there were some activities that people enjoyed , there were some activities to make the event more adventures.

And that was the Hot Air Balloons for us! Looking forward for more exciting tour..

 ——– Thank you ——–



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