Mesmerize for Cagayan Valley

Cagayan Valley is a new place for me. I haven’t visit this place yet, it makes me mesmerize about those things that they have. There a lot of them to offer and I’m pretty sure for it although this trip is all about work and to be honest I haven’t explore that a lot. But it’s really worth  to visit.

welcome Isabela

So in loved watching the aerial view of Isabela’s rice and corn plantation while I’m in a plane. it’s just so sad that I wasn’t the urge to captured those beautiful view for I’m so focus and amazed to it during that time.

at the DA-Region 2 (Isabela) Office

People of Cagayan are generous, caring, polite with so accommodating aura. I’m glad to experienced this when were at the hotel and of-course from the host of the tour themselves they are so, so nice with matching “pasalubong pa

Wow Ulam at the end of the day, dinner served and my tummy gets so full with these mouth watering and flavorful ulam that Cagayan’s best also.


garlic in taste and it's flavor.
garlic in taste and it’s flavor.


creamy Kare-kare
a bowl of sinigang so maasim
a bowl of sinigang so maasim
colorful vegetables
colorful vegetables




Got refresh from the entire day of tour with this Buko Shake…let me share you the story behind this drink, upon ordering I picked the pineapple drink or shake (I forgot the original name) it’s pineapple something …, I had to choose that drink just to have some new taste or para maiba naman. But when it served I found out that It’s Buko shake not that Pineapple something, i’m amazed ‘why that Pineapple flavor is so weird; creamy!!! But No regrets, its creamy and super flavorful.

So, much of PASALUBONG……


chicharon from Carabao's meat/fat
chicharon from Carabao’s meat/fat


baked peanuts
baked peanuts


  1. Buko Shake is real Love.

    I believe Cagayan has so much to offer from agriculture to flora and fauna. Glad you had your nice trip in there with so much pasalubong hehe. I love to see places in Ph esp learning basic dialects when in certain place it so fun.

    Nice sharing dear.


    1. Yeah u mentioned the right term it pina-colada,but the staff won’t served the pina colada, instead he served the buko juice/shake hehe my favorite was the a bowl of sinigang.


  2. I really love your pasalubong! Filipinos are really fond of bringing along pasalubong whenever they visit another new place or just an ordinary place. Thank you for the article!


    1. thanks Anj, yes Filipinos can’t help to have pasalubong every visit to a certain places, kinda bringing home the identity of the place with memories…


  3. Nice post! BUt I am wondering if you can erhaps elaborate more and add more photos about the place? 🙂 would help us see and understand more about the place, considering that Cagayan is reallly beautiful


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