Back to School

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It’s June, the first day to begin for students. And yes, I’m one of them(students) for this school year. Yesterday was my first day of back to school program,kinda refreshing and nervous too. This is my way of rewarding myself through education. Here’s one thing to share when we were about to introduce ourselves to each and everyone. The reason why I enrolled this course(English proficiency; finishing course for call center) is to learn more and grow as an individual. I wanna improve my communication skill specifically in grammar and accent. This is not  because we graduated already, having work is enough for us. For me, I’m still weak, empty and hungry for education, still growing. And I do not want to stuck in just one room. That’s why I’m back for school. Also it can help to my work to communicate people, clients, suppliers, investors and to everyone. I’m excited for the following meetings, to know more about the course, my instructor, my classmates and the whole journey until I graduate…
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Module and Journal
Every students should have their own module and journal.  The module will serves the text book where all the lessons are stored which is the instructor and student will base on it. This is the most reference to everyone for whatever lesson may be…
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My journal

First page of our lesson the Accent Training. It discusses the definition of Accent, grammar and pronunciation with the differences of them in the sentences.

That was fun to learned and made friends again. Thanks..


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