What  this Workation means to you?

Okay, this means for me is WORK AND VACATION. You work while you are having a vacation at the same time. Are you agree? The Good  thing in working outside, being on field is the idea of going around places, it’s travelling, right? Not everyone is given a chance to do this type of Job. A job that will represent of being YOU as a whole, just like having fun, laughing, shouting it’s loud. Otherwise, free to explore everything.

Night in Thailand

You might be lucky to have this kind of job and work. It’s not just having a job that you can trust in financial matter but a job that you can work forever, why? Because You can go out, do what you want and travel of course. Who doesn’t want to travel, for free? Just Only YOU then pack your travel things, working tools and a pocket money for your shopping budget, YES for your shopping, shop for souvenirs, pasalubong to your love ones and something that will remind you the place.


This work will engage you to enjoy things that you can’t do with an ordinary days. Going places in different regions, across the sea and over the sky. You’ll be able to taste every regions local food with their own specialties.

  my Bangkok mouth watering experienced, the welcome dinner for the Press


 Or, the chance to get in touch with your so long friends and relatives as well. A time to meeting people and learning their backgrounds with values, the manner how it is going to be because not all places have the same way of approaching life or lifestyle to offer.

 Davao : reunion with family


Opppsss, never forget to captures those moments wherever and whenever YOU go, yes, taking pictures nowadays is crazy thing,  before taking anything else, selfie/groupie first. Because pictures are the best souvenirs to bring and to keep forever, it has memories to take good care, there will always a story every picture that you may have, that is for sure make you going back and going back to the places you may have been.


Finally, to work with this job is really a gift from God. Because GOD really knows if it’s fits to your personality. Working people with different personalities to sharing ideas and thoughts that count’s the story of your Journey.

——-Thank you——–


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Momma To Go says:

    work-cation – love it! My husband can go remote so he often does this! PS Love that pool!


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks for reading.


  2. neha says:

    Love the term. It gives such an excitement. To travel and work – to do something that you can do forever and still not get tired


    1. kayhdj says:

      Thanks u loved the term WORKATION. Regards to you!


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